IPv6 has 3 ways of distributing addresses:

-SLAAC - I Have Everything You Need

-SLAAC with DHCP - I Don't Have Everything You Need, So Can I Bring My Sister

-DHCP only - I Have Nothing You Need, Im A Bloke In A Dress

Need a Hexadecimal password, just use DEADBEEF

Frig me

Now, Thats Keyboard Porn

My Name Is Cisco, And This Is My Network

When A Network Becomes Congested, what happens? BLUE BABIES

Thats What She Said

Dont create a fake social media profile about me. Someone else did that and I sued them.


They are changing Ballarat University, to Federation University. Essentially F U

You need to get that finger thats up your arse and pull it out.

If You Come Over Here, Ill Show you some Keybord porn

I Feel So Used, Like A Tissue After Sex


That was an accident. I will try to be more careful in the future.

MR. Debug Is My Friend, But Not All

He is all alone, thats why he has a cat. that is as close to a pussy as he will get

I Worked With A Guy, Who Used To Do That With A Vacuum Cleaner

If I Had The Money, I Would Buy A Midi MuRPH

He is like a woman, he does not say a word but you can tell what mood he is in

No Shit Batman

ATM is just Frame Relay for wankers

You get friction burns, it falls off and you go blind.

In Broady you carry $50 to pay your drug dealer.

go to Bunnings, aisle 3, back row, get some concrete and harden up princess!

The New MacPro looks like a vibrator for an elephant

HDB3 is all about penetration (cue sexy sax)

1+1=2 duh

Thats abit much

*BURP* Ooh, pardon me. That was the leftover chicken I had for lunch.

No, you eat shit!

I suck better

Ill tell you a secret we in the IT industry hate nerds

Pass is 51%

The most secure computer is in a locked room, where nobody has the key, unplugged from power

I can only make so many allowances for someone being retarded and so many for someone being an asshole. When you get the two together, I cant help it. DONT ADD THAT TO THE QUOTES!

Take your silver spoon and shove it up your arse

they are under 18, you can not do naughty things to them.


I don't know, you tell me

Are you getting what i'm saying

Oh Shit

Our five fingers are not equal


Just Do It


Do It